Monday, November 20, 2017

7 years/8 months

Today I got the boys from school while Hank was home with Olive. As we drove away from pickup, I got a quick and sudden feeling of panic as I looked in the mirror and saw Olive wasn't in her car seat. I know you mamas know what I'm talking about- in about half a second you go from feeling as if you've forgotten something, to realizing it's all okay. I'm so used to being with Olive every moment of every day, dropping off and picking up the boys with her that it was a total shock to my brain that she wasn't there. And isn't that funny? I've gone 35 years without her, 7 years as a mama before her, and yet 8 months with her here and it's weird to think she hasn't always been with us. She's our little puzzle piece, the tiny burst of sunshine that brings immense joy to each of us. Henry is turning 7 in two days and his much older self is in sharp contrast to this much smaller baby, and sends me into lots of thoughts about time and life whenever I pause too long. But goodness, 8 months. I feel so lucky to be right here, right now, and this third time around I'm deeply grateful to be so much more aware. I know now how to hold onto all of the precious, little moments and seasons (and then graciously let them go) because I know far too well how quickly they'll slip on by no matter how badly I wish they'd stay.

Photo by Lauren Ristow.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Babywearing and Connecting with Mamas at Modern Milk in Scottsdale, AZ

Last week I headed down to Scottsdale, to co-host a Come Together event with Ergobaby. Ergo has been traveling around the country and creating these awesome events for locals mamas, and they're a great excuse to get together with friends and new friends.

My friend Stephanie owns the coolest place- Modern Milk- and they graciously hosted us there for the event. If you're in the area be sure to check them out- they're also opening up a new location in Gilbert in 2018. I love what she is doing over there. Kelly and I were both on hand at the event to help mamas and a couple Dads get the perfect Ergo fit, and check out the new Omni 360 carriers. The evening was so much fun- their were door prizes, giveaways, and every mama walked away with something, including an amazing gift bag. Some of the items inside: Her Name is Mud "Mama" pins, Citizen HD ornaments, KIND bars, Bebe au Lait bibs, and so much more. Lucky Air Plant also gave away a few of their crystal and plant pieces. I'll be sharing a giveaway on my IG later this week of a whole gift bag so stay tuned!

It was a great night spent connecting with local mamas, with so much Ergobaby love happening. My Mom, sister and Lucy also came out, along with some of my childhood friends who are expecting/are new Moms, a handful of my close girlfriends and some from Prescott too! So cool. I wanted to share some photo below, all of them were taken by my friend and local photographer- Christine Sunflower Photography. Thank you Christine!

Outfit details:
Top (actually a bodysuit- and so comfy!)
Shoes (similar)


Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekend Links (on a Monday)

Did you guys have a good weekend?  We just got back from Austin and had the best time at my sister-in-law's wedding. We didn't have a ton of time to see much of the city but we got to spend great quality time with our family which was awesome. We don't have much travel coming up though and I am SO happy about that- the holidays always make me want to just sink into being at home. And speaking of being at home, I'm so glad to be back and get back to routine. I meant to actually post this last night but ended up going to bed super early. So, here are some Weekend Links on a Monday night --

First, check out my shoes in the photo above- I LOVE them. They were very comfortable to wear for most of the wedding (until I changed into these!) and they look equally as cute with jeans.

Here are the jeans I am wearing in this IG photo- I got a lot of questions about them. And more sizes here too. You can find the top here, which is actually a bodysuit and so perfect for high-waisted denim.

Mothers in Bloom was featured in our local newspaper- see the article here.

This Thanksgiving Menu Maker is awesome.

Some great items for around the house- this blanket, this comforter, and this decorative bowl (I got this recently and love it).

How many of these books have you read?

And my current reading list: one, two, and three.

8 jobs that won't exist in 2030.

Did you grab anything from Hearth & Hand at Target? I linked that bowl up there but I also picked up these pajamas. So cute.

A great article about living your best life.

Holiday stovetop potpurri- making this!

4 easy recipes for Friendsgiving.

Another Thanksgiving recipe: skinny mashed potatoes.

Wishlist: these shoes, any of these mules, and these heels.

And a non shoe-related list: one, two, and three!

This is my favorite concealer

This 30-day gratitude challenge is great. Catching up now.

How amazing are ALL of these sweaters?

How to deal with a professional setback.

I love Jeff Goldblum.

All about starting a business- so much inspiration here.

And finally, read this article all about female friendships.


Saturday, November 4, 2017


I'm standing here, kind of still, and everything is moving around me. If you ask me how I'm doing, I would tell you- "never been better." And it's the truth, really. But here I am with the world going on and on and it's easy to step away from the things that feel heavy and get swept away in everyone else's everything else. It's an odd sensation to feel overwhelmed with joy and also say goodbye to someone you love, and never know if that's the last goodbye. So many firsts while at the same time experiencing so many potential lasts. Although maybe that's not even a special circumstance. It really is the way it always is, if you really think about it. But it's easier not to, so I don't. It's easier to remain on the surface, where it's all simple questions and answers, even though sometimes I just want to go so far in to let myself feel the things I'm not letting myself feel- to stick my finger right in the wound and push until it hurts.

It's getting colder every morning and we used the heater for the first time today. The smell of that initial turn on every Fall transports me back to being very small- hazy images of flannel sheets and brown carpet, frost on the windows, bits and pieces somewhere in the very back of my memory always float up to the top. Happy times that feel light in my mind, moments that feel like yesterday and today all at the same time. Nostalgia.

The other day we were driving to the store, all five of us, and it was one of those lucky moments that happen, where the perfect song is on and you're in the right place with the right people just at the right time, and you get to experience that overwhelming feeling of- this is it. The joy in that little pocket of time has been something I've come back to often this past week. This dream I once had when I was a small child, the family I dreamt of as I grew, I am here. I feel so grateful, so alive with the knowledge I'm living the days I always wanted, that it's hard to even express. I want to hold it so close to my chest and protect every bit of it, sweep us away to a far away place where no bad news exists, where we're safe in a bubble from all the rest of the world, living only with this love we have for each other. I know though that's not how it works. So I just take this all day by day, trying to love them all more than I did yesterday, building upward and onward, just leaning into this blessed, blessed season we are in.

Right now mornings are my favorite. We go between slow and frantic depending on the day, but there are always moments inside the bigger picture that I linger on. This morning: Charlie coming in before the sun came up, his big green alligator trailing behind him, snuggling up in my arms, the last bits of baby so obvious in his cheeks, soft arms, blonde hair. Henry padding in later, small glimpses of the bigger kid he is becoming in the way he says things and asks questions, messy bed head and wanting breakfast right away. Olive waking later, tiny noises from the monitor growing bigger as we wait to go in. Then the door opening and her smile, so big, for all of us.

And three children, here we are. I haven't ever been busier/crazier/happier/filled with more love in my life and at the same time, learning so many new things everyday about myself, us, the world. It feels good to be 35 and exactly right here. It's the best age yet. I think I say that every year but it feels like this year I mean it more than ever. We're all older now- you the reader and me, the writer. Some of you have been here for so long, and it is almost like I'm imagining you right now when I'm typing. I appreciate that- you here reading, whoever you are, wherever you may be, and even more importantly still here, after all of this time.

Sometimes sweet, sometimes blogger, I cherish having this space to come back to whenever I want to share something. It's a pull I feel all of the time, to come here and write. And I think when the Instagram bubble pops and the next app comes up, maybe they'll still be some of us who like to get it all down in long form, in a place that exists just for us. A good reminder for the new year, to be here more when I can. To jot the little things down, bookmark a weekend, capture a season, to remember our now the best I can.


photo by Lauren Ristow

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Best Clothes (for the best kids)

You guys! Look at these boys. Isn't it crazy how grown up they are?! I don't feature them too much here these days because they're getting big and way too busy to even be interested in snapping photos, but they did let me take a few pics of their handsome selves yesterday for this post. Did you guys see the Back to School post we did this summer in partnership with Gymboree? This post is part two, and today I'm sharing some of their super cute Winter items. It's so funny but every season I think- this is my all-time favorite. Now that the cold weather months are upon us I am so happy. I love all of the family time, the traditions, the holiday excitement. It's seriously the best time to be a kid- and an adult! As the kids get older traditions are even more important to us, and one things we always do each season is make a special list to check off as we do everything on it. This year we have a ton of things on ours, and I think I may share a whole post on this later, but here are a handful-

-making ornaments- there are so many ideas online- loving this one and this one
-going to see a Christmas play or musical performance
-Christmas light drive
-shopping and donating gifts to the Tree at the mall
-driving up North for sledding (if our snow isn't deep enough!)
-hot chocolate and movie night
-ALL the Christmas movies (a list all its own)

And so much more.

Both of the outfits the boys picked have total Christmas vibes right? I'm loving Charlie's red button up and Henry's layers. I mentioned it in my first Gymboree post but I had never shopped there before then, and I was really blown away with the selection and the quality. There a major go-to for us now when shopping for clothing and I hope you check them out too!

I'll be back soon to share more of our holiday "to do" list. In the meantime, happy almost Thanksgiving!

ps. outfit details:
Henry's shirt
Henry's thermal
Henry's pants
Henry's shoes
Charlie's shirt
Charlie's pants
Charlie's shoes
Olive's sweater


Post shared in partnership with Gymboree.

Monday, October 23, 2017

10 Fall Favorites

1. I got a ton of questions on the outfit above when I shared this to IG. The top can be found here, and check out the denim here. These are my current favorite pair of jeans- they're so comfy. They're also on sale with an extra 30% off today- use code GOODLOOKS.

2. Loving the color of this sweater so much (worn here). It's one of my best Fall purchases to date! For reference I got the S/M and it's still a little big- but definitely cute. It looks like it's currently sold out but get on the waitlist for the restock!

3. Velvet! So much velvet. Everything here is great. Also loving this jumpsuit and this dress.

4. This sweater is so great. Why is Madewell the best?!

5. Next on my list- a Clare V. bag. A splurge-y kinda item but her bags are so well-made and beautiful. Which one would you choose?

6. Some favorite jeans: one, two, and three.

7. Cold weather is here and I'm on the hunt for a good beanie. I'm loving this simple one. And any of these will do! ;)

8. Really, really, really loving all things forest green right now. And all things Zara right now! So this dress is pretty much perfect. I ordered it, I'll keep you posted.

9. Mules! Are you into them? I can't decide but I do like this pair a lot for the holidays even though I don't think they're "real" mules?! I don't know.

10. Give me all the wrap dresses, please. Here are a couple I'm loving: one and two.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mothers in Bloom Wine Tasting Mixer

Hey guys! I wanted to quickly share some photos from our event last night. You can see our first event here. This time around we did a wine tasting mixer at Park Plaza. It was such a fun night with an amazing turnout! The Deli provided the event space, and Wilder Creative Design Studio did all of the event design and decor.  It was really just such a wonderful surprise though to meet SO many new mamas. I only knew about half of the 75+ attendees which was really exciting, and we all ended up connecting with so many new friends. It was awesome.

On an even more exciting note, we raised close to $400 for local organization Prevent Child Abuse Arizona. All of our events have a "give back" aspect to them, whether it's an actual service project or via a donation/ticket portion.

Veronica and I are so excited about this group and all of the cool things we have planned and I love being able to share it all here too. I'll always do event recaps in this space, but you can also follow along via our FB page or Instagram, so feel free to come say hi!

my top / jeans / shoes (old- similar linked)
and the best shampoo that's keeping my blonde, blonde!

And here are some photos from our evening -